Today’s run: 4 miles

While running around near my office in Rancho Cordova is not particularly scenic, it is a win-win way to get my run in in a timely fashion and beat commute traffic. Plus, there are some nice, long stretches without stoplights to get going for a bit.

Yesterday I got my cross training in with 40 minutes on the StairMaster, plus some strength training.

Things I did on my run today:

Debuted my cute new birthday running shorts from Missy. Love ’em!

new running shorts from missy

Today’s run stats:

sept 23 2015 run stats

Yesterday’s run: 4 miles

I forewent my long run over the weekend for dance, dance, dancing at TBD Fest. Got back on the bandwagon (hah–band!) Monday with a four mile trek from midtown to downtown and back again. You know, the usual.

Things I saw on my run yesterday:

A building built for the sky.

downtown sacramento architecture

My new tattoo.

pineapple flash tattoo

The Fresh Prince of Bel Air was here.

fresh prince of bel air chalk art sacramento

Things I did on my run yesterday:

Bid adieu to my birthday bouquet.

birthday bouquet trash

Picked up my traditional birthday gift from Lindsay.

crispy crunchy cookies

Yesterday’s run stats:

september 21 2015 run stats

Yesterday’s run: 3.6 miles – Haley & Alison Run

It makes me happy that Haley has been bit by the running bug. We met after work for a jaunt around McKinley Park.

Things I saw on my run yesterday:

A kitty cat at University Art.

cat chalk art university art

And when I came home, a birthday card from Maria!

bday card from maria

Yesterday’s run stats:

sept 17 2015 run stats

Today’s run: 3.5 miles – Al(l)ison Run Fun

It’s been ages since Other Allison and I had been able to get in a proper run together, but the stars aligned tonight for a 3.5-er around the Capitol.

Things I saw on my run today:

Rainbow triangle outside Alisha & Elena’s place. I’m guessing they’re responsible for this radness!

rainbow triangle midtown sacramento

Today’s run stats:

sept 14 2015 run stats

Today’s run: 5 miles

I completed my long, 5-mile run of the week in the mountains. It was net downhill on the way out, which meant it was net uphill on the way back. Good practice for my tired legs!

I went along the same trail I trekked along last year at the cabin, though I went a little farther this time. It was smoky due to the Butte Fire, but all in all I felt good.

I saw a deer on my run today, plus:

What was decided was a fish ladder, which allows fish to swim upstream.

fish ladder stanislaus

No cattle past this point.

cattle crossing strawberry service trail

Today’s run stats:

september 13 2015 run stats

On the run again: 3.5 miles

I committed to running the Mt. Tam Half Marathon this November with Timothy, which means I am finally back in the running—and possibly the blogging—game!

I managed to brave the 100 degree+ heat, plus my sore legs from an unprecedented 40 minute StairMaster sesh yesterday, and bust out a 3.5 miler around my office in Rancho Cordova today (proof below).

The half marathon commitment is scheming/prep/foot pain test for my larger goal of running the Great Wall Marathon this coming May. I am currently having doubts due to the persistent pain in my foot, leftover from breaking it in October 2013.

But, as I have said ever since I completed my first marathon: Anyone who wants to run a marathon can. So, I have to get over the mental hurdle (though not by hurdling over hedges; I learned my lesson on that one!).

Though I haven’t been running much recently, I have been doing a lot of walking over the past 100 days, as I participated in the Global Corporate Challenge through work, and managed to walk over one million steps (proof also below). Nuts!

Thank you, FitBit, for doing the counting, because I don’t think I could have. No thank you, FitBit, for the persistent watch tan I now have.

Global Corporate Challenge Stats:

global corporate challenge steps 2015

Today’s Run Stats:

sept 9 2015 run route