After a six-month hiatus due to breaking my foot and straining my quad (not related, though in succession) I hit the road today for a test run. (Pun intended. Aren’t I witty?) I was reminded early into my jog the dangers of running with a long ponytail, as it whipped around and slapped me in my eyeball. It’s been eight years since I last ran with hair this long! Anyway, aside from the stinging in my eye, it felt fabulous to get back out on the pavement. Since I’ve been swimming and cycling/ellipticaling at the gym in the interim, I wasn’t too terribly out of shape.

Where I ran today:

So, I know you’re dying to known where I ran. You guessed it: down my trusty P Street, all the way to the Crocker and back:

p street to crocker and backHow fast I ran today:

Mid-way split at the Crocker:

midway split

End time:endtimeThat breaks down to 9:30 miles for 3.5 miles. Not too shabby!

Things I saw on my run today:

I went on a mini flower tour of Sacramento. So many beautiful blossoms. It is almost officially springtime, after all.

fflowers1 flowers2 flowers3 flowers4

I saw other things too, of course. Like this giraffe News & Review box:

giraffe snr box

And this festive parking meter!

st pattie's parking meterWhat I wore on my run today:

I threw on my CIM shirt to remind myself that I can, in fact, run. And also because it is a bright St. Patrick’s Day green.

cim shirt 2012

I eventually discarded it, though, to debut my cute new sports bra. Because it is HOT out!

new target sports braUm, it’s reversible too. I love Target.


3 thoughts on “I WENT FOR A RUN TODAY!

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